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RefAssist Modules
RefAssist Modules
RefAssist Modules


Keeping track of the financial side of officiating is one of the most time-consuming and labour-intensive tasks a referee manager has. This module covers the entire financial flow of officiating, from rate configuration up to tax compliance and every step in between. Both your accounting department and officials will be happy to finally have all financial data in one place. 

Boost your efficiency, from performance to payment.

  • Easy match-fee configuration per level and role
  • Automatic creation of match-fee and travel allowance per appointment
  • Ability for officials to manually declare expenses with pre-defined approval flow and upload of receipts
  • Customisable exports for payments / banking / accounting software
  • Overview of payment statuses
  • Downloadable payslips per official in customisable formats according to local tax regulations
  • In application payments

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Courses and trainings

Courses and trainings

RefAssist course manager is an indispensable tool for official managers in organising theoretical and physical training sessions. From appointing your instructors, over sending out course invitations and tracking attendances, to extensive reporting, this module covers it all. Thanks to a link with the financial module, even the expenses of course attendees can be automated. 

  • Organise different course moments or multiple training sessions
  • Invite selected officials individually or in bulk
  • Configure presence at sessions as mandatory or voluntary
  • Officials can accept or decline invitations in their course app
  • Appoint available instructors
  • Attendance follow-up
  • Financial flow can be covered by link with financial module
  • Upload of course documentation and evaluation
  • Different course types and instructor types are configurable

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Match reports and surveys

Match reports and surveys

Thanks to the visual configurator, you easily set up your own customised report templates. You link the different templates to the required divisions and configure who is responsible for filling in the specific report (officials, team manager, team captain,...). For every game of the linked divisions, the reports are automatically generated and can be completed online. The submitted reports follow an approval flow by the competition manager or referee manager. 

This module allows you to digitalise and centralise all match report data, get pdf-exports and calculate statistics. In addition, officials get notified when the report submission deadline has expired. 

  • Observer report
  • Disciplinary report
  • Self-assessment report
  • Performance report

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Physical follow-Up

Physical follow-Up

Simplify the physical follow-up of your referees by offering them and their coaches a one-stop software solution. Referees can track their daily training activities in our calendar overview and automatically link their wearables data. The physical coach can consult and monitor the training data, upload training schedules and give feedback to the referees through our easy communication tool. 

At all times, the referee manager has a KPI training report available to assist in appointment decision making.

  • Daily tracking of training sessions and matches
  • Integration with smart watches and other wearables (e.g. Polar, StatSports)
  • Predefined training components, aims and work outs
  • Activity calendar overview
  • Share training schedules in bulk or individually
  • Get training- and general activity KPI's per referee
  • Fast and easy communication between physical coaches and referees

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Match video management

Match video management

Every year, a growing number of games throughout every sport is being recorded. This module offers the possibility to get the best out of this video content for your officials. The videos can be uploaded manually or downloaded automatically from your storage server. Clips can be created in only three clicks. By linking them to your own predefined tags, you assemble an easy-to-use clip library. Share with selected officials or use them during observer evaluation, self-assessment, match preparation, surveys or presentations.

  • Easy upload of match videos
  • Integration with your video story server is possible
  • Match videos are online available for selected officials
  • Clip creation functionality
  • Link predefined metadata/tags to clips for categorisation
  • Give feedback on situations and share with officials

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This module allows your officials to sign up and provide their specifications. Additionally, it foresees a fully configurable approval flow for the referee managers.

  • Collect the necessary official data
  • Request required accreditations / licenses
  • Automatic activation of official account
  • Approval flow for the referee manager
  • Optional payment functionality

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Distance calculator

Distance calculator

This module automatically calculates the distance between the officials' home address and the match venues. This information can be of great importance when appointing manually or automatically. Moreover, it is used by the financial module to automatically generate travel expenses.

  • Automatic distance calculation between officials and venues
  • Rank appointments based on the home-venue distance and/or transport cost
  • Thanks to a link with the financial module, travel expenses are automatically calculated
  • Thanks to a link with the auto-appointments module, you optimise the officials transport expenses

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This module contains all flows for tournament official management: official selection, match schedule setup (with placeholders), flawless and efficient appointing, appointment communication, match reporting and official payments. All integrated in one functionality.

  • Upload & management of match schedules
  • Easy upload and management of tournament referees
  • Select tournament appointment rules and settings
  • Appoint from RefAssist appointment functionality
  • Published appointments immediately appear on RefAssist-app of referee
  • Possibility for digital match report
  • Appointment and match distribution report in excel and pdf
  • Manage official allowances and notes of expenses

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