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RefAssist Core
RefAssist Core
RefAssist Core

Official management

  • General data of your officials (contact details, address,...)
  • Upload via templates possible
  • Availability management
  • Management of official appointment parameters
  • More than 50 appointment parameters available in the system (e.g. max number of matches per week,...)
  • Management of official categories
  • Tracking of official historic files (convocations, disciplinary files, suspensions, no-shows at matches, late cancellations,...)

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  • All information on a single screen
  • Prefilter according to selected appointment rules
  • Prefilter according to referee categories allowed to officiate at the match
  • Sortable on distance/number of matches/...
  • Multiple divisions at once
  • Multiple predefined appointment rules in system
  • Appointment rules can be manually overruled
  • Observer appointments also available
  • Publication of the appointment - announcing them to the officials - can be done manually or scheduled automatically
  • Select only open appointments

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  • A wide range of automatically generated notifications is available
  • Examples for officials: new appointment, appointment cancelled, change of match date, change of venue,...
  • Examples for referee managers: automatic notification when an appointment becomes inconsistent after a date change, a belated leave request,...
  • In-application and sent by email

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Official App

Official App

  • Set & update availabilities/leaves
  • Consult their appointments and their matchday colleagues
  • Calendar overview of the refereeing activities
  • Consult their notifications

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Files and messaging

Files and messaging

This module allows you to communicate efficiently with all of your refereeing stakeholders. Whether it is sending messages or uploading documents, RefAssist simplifies and automates your work. The built-in notifications and reading/download confirmation ensure no one ever misses a communication. 

  • Send messages to a specific official, a group or all officials
  • Allow or disable replies
  • Share documents individually or in bulk
  • Dashboard notifications for new messages or files
  • Check who has read the message or downloaded the file
  • Your in application Outlook
  • Your in application Dropbox

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Automatic Appointments

Automatic Appointments

Select a set of games in one or multiple divisions and let our algorithm calculate the optimal appointments. It takes into account all appointment rules and optimises a self-chosen selection of appointment KPI's: distance and cost optimisation, equal appointment distribution of your officials, club and team variation,... 

But don't worry, you can do manual overrides at all time or request a recalculation with a different KPI weight. This way, you do all your appointments in a blink of an eye, without losing control.

  • The N°1 appointment algorithm on the market
  • Keep travel distances & costs under control
  • Take into account match distribution amongst officials
  • Complete all your appointments in a few seconds
  • Reduce the number of open appointments
  • Ensure that every available official has at least one appointment
  • Avoid officials going back to the same team too often or too fast
  • Keep all your manual appointments and/or make manual changes after calculation
  • Possibility to easily recalculate with other parametres
  • Appointing KPI overview

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Self-appointing gives referees the flexibility to choose their own matches. RefAssist checks the pre-defined appointment rules for every appointment and only proposes it to the complying referees. After each chosen match, the referee receives a confirmation and the appointment is added to the modules’ statistics.

As an optional functionality, referees can also self-cancel their appointments. Cancelled appointments are added to the modules’ statistics as well and reappear for other referees to self-appoint.

As referee manager, you keep full control thanks to the statistics overview, while avoiding the administrative labour and last-minute changes.

  • Consult & communicate non-appointed matches to officials
  • Let referees choose their own games
  • Referees can only self-appoint matches in allowed divisions
  • Customisable selection of (self-)appointment rules
  • Optionally, self-cancellations are available as well
  • Cancelled appointments appear for other referees to self-appoint
  • Statistics concerning open appointments and cancellations are available
  • Possibility to exclude referees on an individual level
  • Possibility to exclude specific divisions and grades

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Get feedback on team fair play, or let your officials vote for the best player of the season. This module allows highly customisable awards set-up, gives the officials the opportunity to vote and reminds them when they have forgotten. The referee manager can export the necessary statistics to determine the final winner. 

  • Determine which referee(s) are allowed to vote
  • Set the number of votes per referee
  • Team awards & individual player awards
  • Link different awards to different divisions
  • Officials get notifications to vote
  • Comprehensive awards statistics
  • Possible link with match sheets

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Official management


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