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Match reports & surveys


Thanks to the visual configurator, you easily set up your own customised report templates. You link the different templates to the required divisions and configure who is responsible for filling in the specific report (officials, team manager, team captain,...). For every game of the linked divisions, the reports are automatically generated and can be completed online. The submitted reports follow an approval flow by the competition manager or referee manager. 

This module allows you to digitalise and centralise all match report data, get pdf-exports and calculate statistics. In addition, officials get notified when the report submission deadline has expired. 

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Observer report

Disciplinary report

Thanks to the link with the match sheets, the referee can register the disciplinary sanctions that have been given during the match. For player exclusion or incidents, a post match report detailing the events during the game, can assist the federation in opposing the necessary sanctions.  

Self-assessment report

Allow your referees/umpires to complete a self-assessment report based on their perfomance during the game. 

By adding a section about their general wellbeing, this will be a very convenient tool to increase retention amongst your referees. 

Performance report

This module also allows match participants without RefAssist-account (team manager, team captain, coach,...) to fill in a feedback form on the referee's performance online. The ideal tool for all competition stakeholders involved to stay closely connected.