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Official Management
Official Management

Official Management

  • General data of your officials (contact details, address,...)
  • Upload via templates possible
  • Availability management
  • Management of official appointment parameters
  • More than 10 appointment parameters available in the system (e.g. max number of matches per week,...)
  • Management of official categories
  • Tracking of official historic files (convocations, disciplinary files, suspensions, no-shows at matches, late cancellations,...)


  • All information on a single screen
  • Prefilter according to selected appointment rules
  • Prefilter according to referee categories allowed to officiate at the match
  • Sortable on distance/number of matches/...
  • Multiple divisions at once
  • Multiple predefined appointment rules in system
  • Appointment rules can be manually overruled
  • Observer appointments also available
  • Publication of the appointment - announcing them to the officials - can be done manually or scheduled automatically
  • Select only open appointments


  • Multiple standard appointment reports (xlsx) available: overview appointment, open appointment, match distribution,...
  • Multiple standard official reports (xlsx) available: official appointment parameters, official availability summary,...
  • Extensive statistics available concerning official appointment/performance/quotations and other KPI's


  • A wide range of automatically generated notifications is available
  • Examples for officials: new appointment, appointment cancelled, change of match date, change of venue,...
  • Examples for referee managers: automatic notification when an appointment becomes inconsistent after a date change, a belated leave request,...
  • In-application and sent by email
Official App
Official App

Official App

  • Set & update availabilities/leaves
  • Consult their appointments and their matchday colleagues
  • Calendar overview of the refereeing activities
  • Consult their notifications
Competition Management & Configuration
Competition Management & Configuration

Competition Management & Configuration

  • Basic functionalities to manage competition data: clubs, teams, venues, pitches, divisions, grades, series, matches
  • Easy configuration of required appointments on each match individually or on all matches of division/series
  • Manage allowed referee categories per division
  • Competition data can be uploaded via predefined excel templates, or you can make use of our external API to post all necessary competition data
  • Customised integration of partner API/webhooks is possible
Other Optional Features
Other Optional Features

Other Optional Features

  • Cancel contacts: who should the officials contact in case of an unforeseen cancellation / problem?
  • Backup referees: set referees as backup for a day, and inform them accordingly
  • Accreditations: request accreditations / licenses of your officials prior to appointing them
  • Appointment confirmation: let officials confirm their appointments and be notified

Why our fans love us

Pick & Mix

We like to keep things simple. So, we created a single platform, based on client feedback. All you have to do is pick the modules your need most.

Full flexibility is key

You miss some of the characteristics of your sport in our software? No worries, RefAssist can always customise modules according to your federation's wishes.

You’ll never walk alone

Support is an integral part of our DNA. Before the go-live, you receive an in-depth training by our project manager / referee. But also later on - we’re with you all the way.

Prices without surprises

RefAssist is a licence-based solution. Meaning that, at every moment during our collaboration, you have a clear and transparent view on what to expect financially.

Seamless data integration

RefAssist has been developed as open and transparent as possible. Our API-connection allows for automatic (or manual) data uploads and updates.

Let’s scale together

You prefer to start small? Why not! We love long term partnerships. If you want, we can plot the optimal RefAssist-growth path for your federation together.

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of the game

We would love to hear about your refereeing challenges. No strings attached.

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