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Would you still spend too much time on appointments if you could use RefAssist?

Planning of officials used to be a complicated job. RefAssist supports you and your staff members with intelligent planning tools that hugely reduce planning time and mistakes. 

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Manual referee and official appointments

While assigning referees to games, RefAssist supports you with all relevant referee data. Filter the available referees that meet all requirements, according to your appointment rules. Always stay in charge, and overrule unallowed referees where necessary.

  • RefAssist has 50+ appointment parameters. Let us help you set your relevant appointment rules that ensure the most accurate scheduling. And, if needed, customized appointment rules are possible.
  • Filter automatically the list of available and appropriate referees.
  • Sort allowed referees by driving distance, performances, or number of appointed matches.
  • See all necessary game- or referee-related information at a glance.
  • Show unallowed referees, see why they're not allowed, and overrule if necessary.
  • Appoint from match point of view.
  • Appoint from referee point of view.
  • Appoint backup referees.
  • Get a complete or detailed view of all your appointments.

Automatic referee and official appointments

Just click, sit back, and relax. RefAssist has the most effective algorithms that automatically appoint your referees, according to all requirements. Easily perform manual changes. As such, you always remain in control.

  • RefAssist has 50+ appointment parameters. Let us help you set your relevant appointment rules that ensure the most accurate scheduling. And, if needed, customized appointment rules are possible. 
  • Generate automatic and optimized referee appointments.
  • Overrule easily through manual changes.

Open appointments

Quickly gain insight into which matches are not yet appointed to referees. Fill in open appointments with handy tools.

  • Easily consult open appointments and communicate them to your referees and officials.
  • Referees can request a game if it does not create a conflict.
  • Referees can self-appoint if they are authorized.

Alerts and warnings

Make sure referees and officials are aware of their appointments. Conflicts and parameters can be used to ensure that only an appropriate official is assigned to a match. RefAssist generates various notifications and warnings for referee appointers and officials.

  • RefAssist flags you if you have appointed an unavailable or inappropriate referee. RefAssist tells you why, and it’s up to you to ignore the warning or not.
  • Referees and officials are notified of their assignment by mail, by SMS, or in our communication platform.
  • Set if referees have to accept or reject games directly to the system. RefAssist will inform you of your unaccepted matches.
  • If circumstances change or the official adjusts his or her availability, the software checks that all conditions are still met and generates warnings if not.
  • If the game gets cancelled, the referee has been removed from the game, or the time or venue changes, your officials will automatically be informed with pertinent information.
  • In case of last-minute changes, your officials will need to confirm the change, which allows you to check that they received the message about changes.
  • Referees and observers may be notified if they have not completed a match or assessment report within a certain period of time. 

Sports scheduling

Armed with our algorithms, we can help you put together leagues, divisions, seasons, and match schedules for simple and complex requirements. 

  • We can handle multiple divisions of different sizes, complex availability, and venue sharing.
  • We consider the objectives of your sport competition such as minimizing travel distance or having as many teams of the same level or as few teams of the same club as possible in one division.

World’s only automatic referee planner

Our algorithms support your manual appointments, and also generate a full automatic referee planning, without violating any requirements.