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Simplify your official and competition management and get a complete overview.

Automate your processes and get all your important data at once. Our software knows how to manage competitions from any size. 

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Competition configuration and management

Set up competitions from the simplest to the most complex in an intuitive way. Configure all relevant appointment parameters to your wishes. Keep track of match results and rankings. 

  • Create as many leagues, divisions, teams, seasons, matches, and venues as you want. We’ve got your competition structure covered. 
  • Set appointment parameters.
  • Update match results and rankings.
  • Import data from Excel files, or integrate your third-party data.

Referee and official configuration

Set up all possible categories of referees and officials. Get instant access to officials’ detailed data in one central place.

  • Set up referees, assistant referees, video referees, umpires, ...
  • Set up assessors, coaches, assigners, administrators, ...
  • Get a complete view of all your officials and their refereeing history, availability, contact information, appointments, and assesments.
  • Set referees’ availability, or have the officials do this themselves in the communication platform.
  • Know about upcoming fixtures, who is appointed where, and who’s available throughout the season with calendars for you and your teams.
  • Set appointment parameters.
  • Import data from Excel files, or integrate your third-party data.


Calculate match fees, mileage allowances, or other expenses. Gain an accurate view of your expense data. Manage the billing process, and easily control spending with detailed reporting.

  • Calculate game fees based on different parameters.
  • Get accurate costs for mileage using our built-in mileage calculator.
  • Manage additional expenses such as travel expenses or overnight accommodations.
  • Generate detail or summary reports in PDF and Excel formats.
  • Handle your  payments and payment history by having them tracked in one place. Automatic notifications will keep you on track so that everyone is paid on time.

Reports and statistics

Have you ever wondered: which referees are still available, which appointments are still open, which games are assigned to a referee, and how referees perform over a certain period of time? Thanks to RefAssist, you don't need 1000 Excel files anymore.

  • View referee and official statistics.
  • Get customized reports.
  • Generate detail or summary reports in PDF and Excel formats.

System management

You decide who has access to which data and who can use which functionalities by setting the authorizations.

  • Set up user groups and users.
  • Set up authorizations.
  • Insert disclaimers.
  • Change language settings.

Integrate your competition data

Seamless integration with your software ensures that competition and referee data are always up to date.