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Guide your referees to even better perfomances.

Access a wide array of learning and training channels, and ensure the constant technical and physical development of referees and officials.

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Referee coach application

RefAssist’s coaching platform makes administration effortless and creates more time to follow up with your referees. Referee data is at the touch of a button, so you can focus on training them, keeping them motivated and on track.

  • Get all important data about your referees into informative referee profiles.
  • Create lessons and tests in the e-learning module to improve referees technical skills, or use real cases in the video platform.
  • Create physical training exercises or sessions for groups, or tweak them for your individual referee.
  • View unified performance data of each test and workout session of your referees.
  • Monitor and analyze heart rate, performance, and GPS data by integrated third-party tracking solutions such as PolarFlow and STATSports.
  • Compare results and get an overview of a group of referees to detect development needs.
  • With activity tracking, referees can be closely and continually monitored in all relevant performance areas.
  • Motivate referees through personal advice and individual performance reports.
  • Get ongoing coaching communication in a single place, thanks to the built-in messaging system.


Simplify learning and continuously improve the skills and knowledge of your officials with RefAssist’s easy-to-use e-learning module.

  • Create trainings for your officials with the built-in course builder.
  • Test skills and knowledge through quick and easy forms and surveys.
  • Build custom reports in a couple of clicks to get useful data on skill level and performance development.
  • Gain insights and identify areas of improvement by analyzing group results.

Video platform

The video platform is a fast, easy application that allow users to upload, store, and deliver video content.

  • Upload match videos.
  • Edit videos and create clips.
  • Select your video edits, create your own playlist, and share it with your staff members or officials in a secure but accessible environment. Choose exactly who’s allowed to see your video.
  • Tag events to create a video library with educative training content.
  • Upload video analyses from other third-party tools.

Physical follow-up

Referees can keep track of their own physical fitness, development, and performance, thanks to RefAssist’s user-friendly follow-up framework and integration with third-party data tracking sources.

  • Keep track and follow up on training activities and performances.
  • Referees can log the fitness activities thanks to seamless integration with PolarFlow and STATSports.
  • Working with other tools? We’re happy to help you integrate and centralize!
  • Give your officials a clear overview of their training records, and let your coaches easily access progress data and results in the coaching application.

Referee course management

The course management tool helps you organize, streamline, and monitor all your back-office training processes such as scheduling, administration, financials, and reporting.

  • Organize courses easily. Set date, place, and instructor. You decide who may be present.
  • Create a maximum quantity of tickets for each class. Add descriptions, expirations, downloadable materials, and more.
  • Officials can sign up for new courses, or with the click of a button, they can unsubscribe from any they’re already enrolled in.
  • Automate course communication. Send out invitations, registration confirmations, reminder emails, and feedback surveys.
  • Track attendance and retrieve automatically generated reports.

Take referee development to the next level

With RefAssist's follow-up platform, you have all the tools in one place to fully assist your referees with a professional approach.