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Our technology is strong. But our team is even stronger.

Our story

Built from scratch, based on customer feedback

Powered by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, our founders started their own complex planning consulting agency in 2015. A request by Royal Belgian Football Association for referee planning prompted the idea to build a stand-alone software application.

Dieter De Naeyer, at that time a semiprofessional referee and frustrated by the lack of referee management, and Ken De Norre - De Groof, always looking for a tough problem software could crack, turned their thinking to how a cloud platform could tackle all referee challenges.

RefAssist was founded and grew organically from a customer-centric philosophy. The all-in-one referee and official platform was built based entirely on customer feedback and needs — and we continue developing, with that same mindset.

We are on a mission!

Great referees deserve great software. Every day, our passionate team works hard to improve our product in our mission to make referee and official management smart and easy. We will do everything in our power to help sport federations of any size gain transparency, support, engagement, and better referee performances. And in the end, sport is the winner, and that’s what we all want.

The perfect blend of referee knowledge, passion for sport, and software expertise

Dieter De Naeyer
Dieter De Naeyer Cofounder
Ken De Norre – De Groof
Ken De Norre – De Groof Cofounder
Jan Teurrekens
Jan Teurrekens Operations Manager
Koen De Smet
Koen De Smet Project Manager
Gregory Delhougne
Gregory Delhougne Business development manager
Jonas Ingels
Jonas Ingels Algorithm Expert
Christof De Smet
Christof De Smet Software Engineer
David Van Autreve
David Van Autreve Software Engineer
Matthias De Groote
Matthias De Groote Software Engineer
Brecht Vanden Houwe
Brecht Vanden Houwe Software Engineer
Robin De Clercq
Robin De Clercq Business consultant
Brecht Van Bleyenbergh
Brecht Van Bleyenbergh Software Engineer
Enya Keuterickx
Enya Keuterickx Customer Support Specialist
Dieter Rutten
Dieter Rutten Project Manager
Carl Thys
Carl Thys Software Engineer