Official administration system and manual appointments

A must-have for the referee manager. Errorless, accessible and time-efficient.

Tired of Excel?

Referee management in general requires a detailed match official administration system. Are you bored of doing appointments by hopping from one Excel to another? RefAssiST offers a comprehensive and user-friendly centralized platform reducing your workload significantly.

General management of match officials

Keep track of official availabilities, categories, training courses, assessments & appointments, refused clubs, … Change the many available appointment parameters (e.g. max travel distances, aim number of appointments, …) and set the back-up referees, fixed team assistants and coaches (physical, technical instructors,…).

Optimal manual appointments

RefAssiST offers a qualitative support tool for time-efficient and optimal manual official appointments (referees, umpires, VAR’s, assessors, …). Officials are pre-filtered based on their availability for the match, but the user has full flexibility to force any appointment. All necessary official and match information is shown in one single screen: rankings, last matches, season assessments information, …

Reporting and statistical analysis

All information available in RefAssiST can be exported and analysed in customisable formats. Request appointment reports, an overview of open matches, match distribution number among officials,  referee statistics (individually or by group) and season statistics. Analyse referee assessment statistics to target the referee education and to get automatic rankings of your referees.

Alert and notification system

One of the main difficulties for an appointment officer is the many short-notice changes that have to be processed on a daily basis. RefAssiST offers an automatic notification system that alerts the appointment officer when referees are no longer available or matches are cancelled or postponed. All other involved match officials can be informed automatically as well (sms, email, …).

> 180,000 appointments

done manually in RefAssiST. And counting...

> 10,000 officials

weekly appointed by the RefAssiST users.

80% more time-efficient

according to Belgian appointment officers.