Communication & training platform

Follow-up - coach - educate - improve your referees by connecting all stakeholders online

Too many mails?

How can you follow-up, educate and improve a large group of referees? With the RefAssiST communication platform you are able to connect all stakeholders online:  set up group conversations with instructors, assessors, physical coaches, referees, … with a single purpose: making the referee better! In addition, referees have their digital home office for administration and consulting appointments. They can take online courses,  watch interesting match clips and create online match preparation for their team.

Communication platform

Allow as many stakeholder as you wish to the RefAssiST chat-like communication platform. Each individual referee has its own structured channel in which assessors, coaches and referee manager can discuss his/her performance and give advice and tips. This is the solution to stay close to your referees, personalise their follow up and improve their performance and engagement.

Home office

Referees, coaches, assessors, … can manage their own administration online in a lean and efficient way: requesting leaves, changing availabilities, adjusting personal data and consulting appointments. The solution to eliminate the tedious and numerous mails.

Online courses with video support

Upload courses in different formats, supported by video clips and made available for your selection of members of the platform. Appoint specific instructors and allow them to create online education material.

Access to assessment reports and match preparation

Referees can consult their approved assessment reports and keep track of their own performance. They can also create video clips of interesting match situations as part of their match preparation or just to share them with the other members of the platform.

70 nationalities

daily use the communication platform worldwide.

> 125 FIFA referees

being coached in preparation of the football WC2019.

> 200 courses

shared online.