Automatic appointments module

Find the perfect match official for each game in 1 single-click

About to give up?

Referee scheduling is a tedious and time-consuming task due to the many conflicting conditions that have to be taken into account. When you’re about to give up, RefAssiST offers completely customisable optimisation algorithms in its automatic appointments module. You can create your own rules and boundary conditions and let RefAssiST do the trick.

Optimise different KPI’s

RefAssiST is highly generic and our partners can use it for match official appointments in all sports. In addition, they can customise the rules to obey other boundary conditions or to optimize other, user-defined, KPI’s.

Financial gains

RefAssiST not only enables automatic appointments, but also rationalizes the transport expenses of officials. In Belgium, this leads to a reduction in transport expenses of 25 to 30%. As a result Belgian football referees drive 1,500,000 km less per season.

Time-efficient and errorless

The automatic appointments module is used for over 3 seasons by the Royal Belgian Football Association. The time-efficiency of the yearly 125,000 appointments has increased significantly while the error rate has reduced considerably.

Integration possible

Communication with existing software or an external database is possible and straightforward, thanks to our API-driven tools for data handshake. In case you only need the automatic referee scheduling tool, it is available as separate product.

> 220,000 appointments

done automatically in RefAssiST. And counting...

> 4,000,000 km

reduction in official transport distance.

> 25% financial gains

in transport expenses